Thursday, April 9, 2009

Depend not on others dear friends, seek out your connection to the Divine on your own

Don't look to others to be your savior dear friends, for they will only disappoint. For, o dear friends, are not others a reflection of your own inner image? Therefore, it is best to detach yourself from fleeting pleasures of the illusory material world, and seek the truth by freedom of desire. Know not that the clinging to others, youth, materialism, and all other fleeting passing images of the illusory material world that surrounds thee will only lead to pain and suffering? Trust only the deep aspects of self, and free yourself from the confines of your own views.

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Anonymous said...

You seriously need to get in touch with what "others" have said and done to get in touch with the divine. Until then, your blog will continue to sound like a bag full of crazy.