Thursday, June 21, 2007


I suggest letting go of what you assume to be "absolutes", for they are not; and it may be QUITE traumatic to let go of your "official accepted reality". Whatever you may "think" you know to be absolute, I assure you is not, and is subject to change. STOP assuming there are forces outside of yourself, and start living up to the responsibilities of creating your own reality.


I say to you, you are all suffering from the worst case of amnesia you could fathom. You speak of gods and goddesses outside of yourself, because you do not understand. You can not see what is beyond the known avenues of physical reality; therefore, you have made stories about gods and have called them religions. It matters not; they are all flawed in their analysis, yet they all contain elements of helpfulness as well. It would be incomprehensible to you if you began to glimpse your multi-dimensional nature, and your power.


Beyond the known avenues of reality, I have glimpsed upon psychic gestalts of such brilliance, magnitute, and intelligence, while in other natural states of subjective activity, that I could not possibly begin to relate this experience to others.

Anything is possible?

Truly, I say to you, anything is possible. You need not deliberate in terms of time if you trust yourself. It will be irrelevant and unneccessary to you.

Let go

Let go... of everything you ever supposed you knew; everything you supposed were absolutes, for they were not. Truly, you see things that are VERY real, and SEEM very absolute, BUT they are not, they are all subject to change. Be attached not, for attachments spring unnecessary sorrow, but it is always possible to change in a blink. We have considered things in "time" for quite some "time", BUT it IS irrelevant, and determined upon what you believe at any instant.


Self acceptance may be the causal factor to actual changes in ways of seeing, for if you accept self, then even your life is not an indicator of your worth; not your accomplishments, for your worth is not even dependent on such things. Therefore, your worth is a much deeper phenomenon.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Come with me, as we delve into areas of unknowns and uncertainties; veils that have long been available to all, but not understood.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Beauty of the individual

The "truth" is written on your pupils, in the locks of your hair, in the pores of your skin. The "truth" is that the individual is everything, that everything begins in the first place within the individual. Instead of pondering "outside" things, looking up at the universe as if it is something outside of you, so big, so far, realize that it all comes from within YOU, that it all comes back to YOU. Instead of looking up at the night sky that is so magnificent, supposing that something "else" has made it, when you start to ask how it is YOU play a part in everything you see, begin to be amazed.


Which feels better... more right? To listen to the advice or others, or follow that feeling of when you were but a child, excited at your choices, caring not about others opinions; when you didn't even know HOW to care about others opinions.


What if, just maybe, your worth is you? Instead of seeking approval from others, why not fall in love with who you are?

The Individual

The great truth about the wonder and power of the individual will be understood. In a dimension where the individual was formerly thrown into the masses, and seemingly unimportant, new possibilities arise; possibilities where each and every individual, rather than being directed by societies and masses, will direct themselves....


Change is constant, be open to it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Part of

If you are a part of the whole, and the whole is a part of you, shouldn't you feel special?

Thursday, June 14, 2007


If the beauty (of life) all comes from inside you... then why be afraid of losing anything, for you have created all of it; it has come from within you.... you created all of it, so you lose nothing, ever, only gain.

Monday, June 11, 2007

If more could just relax and trust, what a difference this would make.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I suspect that letting go, and trusting, is the solution to many, many problems.